Our History


Soke Shuho Sugita, Jishukan’s Founder, studied under one of the great masters of the classical martial arts, Master Saito. He received direct training from Master Saito in Jujitsu-Kempo, Hai a na wa (the rope technique) and jojitsu (the stick art). At the age of thirteen, he was granted an honourable certificate and went on to train at the Kodokan Takohasti Dojo, the Shiroken Dojo and the Kitoro Kodokan before going on a pilgrimage to many places searching to search for new instructors and new methods. Soke Sugita, Judan (10th Dan) initiated the Jishukan Ryu Dojo in Kanazawa, Tokohama in 1947. He retired from active instruction in early 1980 and assisted in the Jishukan clinic until his death in 1982.

Soke Peter Morton, our Founder, began studying Kodokan Judo in 1946, before being instructed in Australian Jujitsu from 1952. In 1962 Soke Morton, Judan (10th Dan) initiated his own Jujitsu school in Queanbeyan, and affiliated with Jishukan Honbu shortly after. In 1980, Shihan Morton was graded 6th Dan Black Belt at the headquarters of Jishukan Honbu in Japan by the Principal and Founder, Soke Shuho Sugita. After the grading Master Sugita adopted Soke Morton as his son, Yu-Ho, wishing for him to carry on in his footsteps. After Soke Sugita’s death, his successor changed the style of Jishukan Honbu to a more karate-based style. In 1983, the Queanbeyan club and its branches severed affiliations with Jishukan Honbu, choosing to maintain the classical style of master Sugita. The club was renamed Peter Morton Academy of Judo, Jujitsu, Karate;, and, in 2002, Soke Morton stepped down as Principle, with Soke David Rowley, Judan (10th Dan) taking the reins. Soke Peter Morton died in 2014.

Renshi Kevin Barrie, Yondan (4th Dan) began instructing in Yarralumla in 1974, before initiating Hughes Jujitsu in 1978. Renshi Barrie began studying under Soke Morton in 1963 in the Queanbeyan Branch, where he quickly gained respect. Renshi Barrie gained his 1st Dan accreditation in 1977, and went on to take up the position of Vice-Principal of the club, holding it until his retirement in 1992. Shihan Simon MacNab, Rokudan (6th Dan) has held the Chief Instructor position with Hughes Jujitsu since Renshi Barrie’s retirement. Sensei Caroline Webber, Nidan (2nd Dan) was Chief Instructor (Juniors) following Renshi Barrie’s retirement, until Shihan David Tuckfield, Rokudan (6th Dan) took over the Junior class in 1994. Shihan Tuckfield stepped down to take on a part-time role in 2016.



Our Senseis


Renshi Kevin Barrie

Yondan (4th Dan) opened Hughes Jujitsu in 1978, and introduced a Senior class a couple of years later. He also ran several Women’s Self-Defence courses, away from the Hughes Dojo. Renshi Barrie retired in 1992 when he moved to Queensland.


Sensei Simone Wichard

Shodan (1st Dan), was the first of Renshi Barrie’s students to earn their Black Belt in the mid-1980s. Sensei Wichard retired from training not long after gaining her black belt due to family commitments.


Sensei Caroline Webber

Nidan (2nd Dan) started training in 1979 at Hughes Jujitsu and gained her black belt along with Shihan MacNab in 1989. She ran the Junior Classes at Hughes when Renshi Barrie retired in 1992, until she decided to move to England with her family in 1994.


Shihan Simon MacNab

Rokudan (6th Dan), began training at Hughes Jujitsu in 1981, started teaching as a blue belt in 1983, and gained his black belt in 1989. Shihan MacNab ran the Senior Classes at Hughes when Renshi Barrie retired in 1992, and is the current Chief Instructor of Hughes Jujitsu.


Shihan David Tuckfield

Rokudan (6th Dan), started training at the Hughes Jujitsu in 1984, started teaching as a blue belt in 1986, and achieved his black belt in 1991. Shihan Tuckfield took responsibility for the Junior Classes in 1994, when Sensei Webber left for England. He held was the Chief Instructor of the Junior Classes until stepping down after 2015.


Sensei Damon Taylor

Nidan (2nd Dan), started training as a Junior at Hughes Jujitsu at the age of 8. He moved to Sydney just after gaining his Senior Brown Belt in 2000, where he began training at Castlecove branch with Sensei Jennifer Thomas, Shodan (1st Dan). This lead to 18- months of travelling down to Canberra 3-times a week for Black Belt training. Sensei Taylor achieved his Black belt in 2008, and for a while ran Lane Cove branch in Sydney for a while, whilst also holding the position of Academy Registrar.


Sensei Sam Arnold (née Godwin)

Nidan (2nd Dan), started her training at Hughes Jujitsu in 1999. Sam’s sisters, her brother and her father all achieved various grades with the Academy, but she was the only one to achieve her Black Belt, which she did – in 2008. Sensei Arnold was the Academy’s Secretary for 2009-2010, and but stepped back from active training shortly afterwards.


Sensei Kris Arnold

Sandan (3rd Dan), started training at Hughes Jujitsu in 2000, and partnered his future wife, Sam for the following 8 years through all the Kyu belts. Their Brown Belt grading was perfect. Sensei Arnold trained for his Black belt with Senseis Sam and Damon, until sustaining a severe knee injury prior to grading. After twelve months of rehabilitation Sensei Arnold successfully graded to his black belt in early 2010. Sensei Arnold then went on to assist with training the next three Shodan courses, and is currently the Chief Instructor at Erindale.