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Welcome to Hughes Jujitsu

At Hughes Jujitsu our focus is on preparing our students for whatever situation they may encounter. Our style has as its basis an attack-defence Martial Art, drawing directly from Kempo Karate, Kodokan Judo and Hakko-Ryu Jujutsu – the basis of Jishukan-Ryu, founded by Soke Shuho Sugita. It’s a discipline that emphasises mental, physical and emotional development. Concentration, confidence and self-control are developed through the study of our art. Physical fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, and endurance are improved through training. Negative emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety are controlled through constant practice.

Translated, Jujitsu means ‘gentle art’. It was developed to meet the needs of a constantly warring feudal society and to give warriors an unarmed system of fighting to combine with, and complement their weapons based systems on the battlefield. Jujitsu incorporates methods of offence from Japanese Atemi, or striking techniques, as well as defensive movements. It features an assorted mix of strikes, blocks, evasive manoeuvres, grappling, immobilisation & joint locks, choking and strangulation, application of pressure points, dislocation techniques, throwing & breakfalls.

Emphasis is on defence. A majority of the techniques taught uses the force of the attacker to the defenders advantage. These defensive strategies aim to initially evade, then to disable attackers and finally immobilise them. Sound technical basics and common underlying principles underpin the techniques that we teach. Since 1978 in our Dojo at Hughes Primary we’ve attended to technical proficiency, and the practical application and combination of those techniques. Classes are conducted in a friendly semi-formal environment.

Instructors donate their time freely and only charge fees to cover the running costs of the clubs. Students are encouraged to develop themselves as individuals, not champions. Soke Sugita had an underlying philosophy of San Soku (three fundamental rules) which he identified as essential principles to be learned and practiced through our training, and in everyday life. These three principles are completed with a fourth, which is our Club Motto:

  • Be Courteous To Each Other
  • Study with a True Mind
  • Teach With Kindness
  • Be Master of Yourself


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About Us

Soke Shuho Sugita, Jishukan’s Founder, studied under one of the great masters of the classical martial arts, Master Saito. He received direct training from Master Saito in Jujitsu-Kempo, Hai a na wa (the rope technique) and jojitsu (the stick art). At the age of thirteen, he was granted an honourable certificate and went on to train at the Kodokan Takohasti Dojo, the Shiroken Dojo and the Kitoro Kodokan before going on a pilgrimage to many places searching to search for new instructors and new methods.

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